Gift ideas for Mother’s day

Looking for the perfect gift for Mother's day? Why not present her a stylish bird feeder, a decorative bird bath or a transparent window bird feeder? They are an ideal gift as they decorate a garden and enable Mums to discover the joys of birdwatching at the same time. Trible tubes, chalets and even window feeders, there is one for every Mum!

The 6th of March, also known as Mother’s day for this year is just around the corner as cards, ribbons and gifts offers are being displayed as a constant reminder for this special day. But sometimes, one needs a little help to find the right gift for someone as exceptional as a mother. For this reason, WildBirdfeeders has selected a range of bird feeders that might be exactly what you are looking for to spoil your Mother on her special day.


Designed, colorful, themed bird feeders for Inspired Mums

Design birdfeeders are perfect items that are decorative and useful, making a great gift. Whether your mum is a bird watching hobbyist or simply enjoys a lively garden, bird feeders are made for every taste and purposes. If she has a favorite species, or if she wants to attract more birds to her garden, you can choose the right bird feeder to fulfill her wish such as Nyjer and Thistle feeders or Triple Tubes feeders which allows integrating different type of seeds for different bird species in one feeder.

Birdwatching is an easy and fun activity to adopt that requires little expense and effort. Adding a bird feeder to a garden, brings it to life and embellishes it with the presence of colorful feathered birds. During winter, it provides them with food helping them survive when the weather is hard.


Transparent, Window bird feeders for Busy Mums

Even without a garden, bird watching is made easy with the window feeders. Simple to attach on any window surface, they enable a close observation from indoors, making bird feeding accessible for everyone. One can carry own with his own activities and still enjoy the presence of birds while they come to feed.


Waterers and bird baths for Outdoor Mums


Bird Waterers are great items for birds to drink and bathe while giving an edge to the garden at the same time. If your mum likes to spend time in her garden, the sight of birds splashing in will delight her. Furthermore, bird baths exist in a versatile version as they can be wired-hung or set in the ground, adaptable to any lawn.


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