Birding Articles

With about 10,000 known bird species, it can seem like quite an undertaking to learn about them. Why not start by finding out about the birds in your own neighbourhood? Read on to learn about these wonderful creatures!

Feeding birds in the summer

Embrace the great outdoors and give birds a home this summer

Providing food and shelter for birds during the cold winter months is a regular habit in the UK, but how many of us continue to feed birds during warmer summer months too?

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10 Things to Hate About Squirrels

If squirrels are persistently driving you nuts, you’re not alone! We’ve compiled a list of ten reasons to hate squirrels - from the mildly annoying to the deeply irritating!

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Prepare your garden and bird feeders for spring

Preparing your garden and bird feeders for spring

For avid gardeners and birdwatchers alike, there’s no better time to start sprucing up the garden in preparation for those feathered springtime arrivals.

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When should we feed birds?

Feeding Birds - the great debate

Many people choose and gain enjoyment from supplementing their garden birds' diet with extra food – especially in the winter.

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A pigeon

City Birding - More species than you think!

Although they may be the majority, pigeons are not the only birds that can be found living in big cities.

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Help birds doing the winter by providing food

Winter Bird Feeding

During winter, birds are more likely to visit our gardens to seek food. People can massively improve these bird's chances of survival by providing food.

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Great gift ideas for Mother's Day

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Looking for the perfect gift for Mother's day? Trible tubes, chalets and even window feeders, there is one for every Mum! Enjoy our special 20% discount until March 11th.

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Choosing the best bird house

Choosing the best bird house

If you are a keen birder or simply enjoy the beauty of avian wildlife in your back garden, then a bird house is the perfect way to attract our feathered friends.

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The Grey Partridge is a declining species

Help saving the declining bird species in the UK

A worrying decline in wild bird populations in the UK has been tallied to the figure of 13.7% since 1977, with some species falling by as much as two thirds.

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Blue Tit feeding her young

Protecting Garden Nests

If you spot a nest in your garden, what can you do to help to help protect them?

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Birds can also carry diseases

Garden Bird Diseases

Like Humans, birds can be contaminated by contagious diseases such as the Avian flu, the Trichomas Gallinae and the Salmonellosis. For this reason, keeping your bird feeders clean is crucial to prevent your feathered visitors from contaminating each other.

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