The chaffinch is the second commonest breeding bird, and one of the most colourful of the UK’s. Its patterned plumage is a wonderful mix that blends in when ground feeding however in flight it reveals an impressive cloak of white on wings and white outer tail feather.

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Chaffinches don’t often feed directly from a bird feeder. However, you’ll often see them hopping on the ground under a bird table or feeder, foraging for spilt seed.

 The breeding male is unmistakable, with his reddish underparts and a blue-grey cap.Though the female has similar patterning (with the distinctive white wing bars), the colours are much drabber.

The chaffinch has a loud and varied song which many keen bird watchers will be familiar with.

Size  15cm
Weight  19 - 23g
Habitat  Hedgerows, gardens and farmland 

Nesting Habits

Food Preferences