City Birding – More species than you think!

Although they may be the majority, pigeons are not the only birds that can be found living in big cities. If you live in a city-setting you can attract many of the same birds that visit your suburban and rural neighbors. You don’t need a huge garden or lots of woodland to provide the basics for the birds. Birds need food, water, shelter and protection and you can offer this from a small balcony or terrace, courtyard or even from your window sill.



Eating Hot Spots

With limited space, one of the best ways to incorporate a bird feeder to your outdoor space is with a window feeder. Wild Bird Feeders offers both nectar and seed feeders that are very easy to install and mount to your outside windows with suction cups.

If you have even a small amount of outside space, you might also want to start with a more traditional tube feeder.  There are several feeders that hold smaller quantities of seed and will take up less space.  The smaller tube feeders can be inexpensive, decorative or highly functional. If you don’t have a lot of trees to hang your feeder, a simple mounting pole will do the trick, and won’t look out of place.

No space to hang multiple feeders? Then its best to pick a bird feed with universal appeal. This will attract many different species of birds. Peanuts are great for blue tits, great tits, chaffinches and house sparrows. Just be sure to clean up any seed and debris that fall out of your feeders so they do not become a buffet for squirrels or rodents.


Stop By for a Drink

A fresh water supply is crucial for birds, not just as a place to drink, but also to keep them clean. For this reason, a water supply will draw in birds that do not eat seed, and that you would not normally see with a bird feeder alone. If you have the space available to hang a bird bath, this would be the perfect addition to your city space or balcony. But you can use any large shallow container (such as a pan or bowl) instead. 

Bird baths, like your bird feeders should be cleaned regularly to keep a safe, disease-free environment for your feathered friends.

Like many of us, birds are creatures of habit.  Once they learn that you have food, water, shelter to offer them, they will continue to return, bringing with them a little bit of nature to city living.


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