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Welcome to Wild Bird Feeders!

Adding a bird feeder to your garden is a wonderful way to bring the glory of nature closer to you and your family. After all, we all want to enjoy the company of wild birds in our own garden. As with any purchase, there are numerous things to consider when selecting the right bird feeder for the garden.

Among the questions you may be asking: How do I attract birds to my garden? What kinds of birds do you want to attract? How do I deal with nuisance squirrels? What is the cost of bird feeding? How much should I spend on bird feeding? Where’s the best place to put a bird feeder in my garden? What’s the proper kind of seed for my bird feeder?

Here at wildbirdfeeders.co.uk, we’re ready to help you answer those questions and guide you along the way as you make your decisions on your next bird feeder.

In fact, we’re happy to have the next generation of bird feeders in the UK! Perky-Pet® and its affiliated brands have an incredible selection of wild bird feeders and bird feeding accessories to attract birds to your garden. These feeders are available in many styles and designs to make your garden reflect your style and taste.

  •  Bird feeders – Probably the most well-known of all the wild bird feeders, tube bird feeders generally cater to smaller birds because they feature smaller perches that larger birds have difficulty approaching. Our tube feeders, which are made from transparent plastic, allow you to easily monitor the levels of seed in your feeders and view the birds at a distance. In addition, the cylindrical shape is difficult for squirrels to access. Also consider our multi-tube feeders or 2-in-1 feeders, which allow you to stock different bird seed types in one bird feeder. That, of course, means more birds!
  • Squirrel-proof feeders For those pesky grey invaders, Perky-Pet® offers a variety of feeders designed to keep squirrels away and saves the seed for the birds. We offer a variety of different squirrel proof and squirrel resistant feeders that feature baffles, weight activated bases and built-in collapsible perches.
  • Decorative Feeders – One of the most traditional bird feeders, the lantern style, allows all varieties of birds – large and small – to feed at one station. These feeders feature classic looks, typically have a roof and usually resemble a lantern or birdhouse.
  • Bird feeding accessories – Our site aims to be your ultimate source for feeding birds in your garden, and this section really proves the case. Here you can find bird houses, bird feeder mounting poles, bird feeders stations, hanging hooks, seed scoops, bird water feeders and squirrel baffles.

Helping you with your bird feeding hobby

To help find the feeder that is just right for you, it’s important to know that wildbirdfeeders.co.uk offers a number of great benefits for all of our shoppers. After all, we are always eager to help you interact with some of the loveliest, most observable creatures!

Some of the benefits of shopping with wildbirdfeeders.co.uk include:

  • Shipping – We often offer promotions where we provide reduced or free shipping to our customers! Keep an eye out for them by liking us on Facebook or subscribing to our eNewsletter. We do ship to remote and rural areas of the UK, and you may view the list of shipping options here.
  • Track your Order – Trying to find where your order is in the post system? You can track your order with the codes on your emailed invoice.
  • Returns policy – Not satisfied with your feeder? Has it been damaged in shipping or because of a rare manufacturing defect? Explore our no-hassle return policy.
  • Customer Service Line – If you have trouble with an order, or have a question about a product before or after your purchase, contact our team of knowledgeable Customer Care representatives! Reach us at+44 (0)1572 722558 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. GMT.
  • Tips and advice – We offer a variety of articles, guides and advice from bird feeding experts. Our Bird Library, for example, offers helpful information on the life of some of the bird feeder birds of the UK. Additional articles explore tips for attracting birds to the garden and grey squirrel habits. Seeking ideas for placing a bird feeder? Check out our video library!
  • E-newsletter – On the hunt for even more tips, advice and deals from wildbirdfeeders.co.uk? Subscribe to our e-newsletter for regular correspondence from us on what’s going on in the world of bird feeding.

Tips for attracting birds to your garden

Bird feeders come in many shapes and sizes. It’s said that the concept of drawing birds to your garden has been around since at least the 6th century. The hobby really took off in Britain during the winter of 1890-91, a bleak and cold season when national newspapers pleaded with their readers to help the starving birds at their windowsills.

At its simplest, bird feeding is defined as providing bird seed stations in your garden and observing the different wild birds that visit. However, the more you get into this hobby the more you understand how such a simple thing can become so much more.

Many beginner bird feeding enthusiasts have a bevy of questions, and we’re just the people to answer them.

  • How do I attract birds to my garden? To bring birds to your garden, you need to give them a reason to visit! Bird feeders are a start, but you should also consider providing a clean water source and nesting opportunities. In addition, birds need to feel safe while eating, drinking and resting, so providing clear sight lines and places to hide is very important.
  • What kinds of birds can I attract to my garden? The type of bird that comes to your garden absolutely depends on what’s available there. A bird table full of seed won’t attract a fly-catching species, for example. A house built for wrens will be too small for some birds to enter. The one universal way to attract all sorts of birds – from Dunnocks to Robins – is to provide a regular source of water for them to use for drinking and bathing.
  • How can I discourage squirrels from eating at my feeders? Before you go crazy trying to outwit squirrels, remember this one simple fact: Squirrels have all day to puzzle their way into your bird feeders. That’s all they do. They make a career of it, in fact! With that in mind, there are ways to keep most squirrels at bay. Squirrel-proof feeders and squirrel baffles are designed to stop them from physically reaching your feeders.
  • Is it expensive to feed birds? First, allow us to say that Wildbirdfeeders.co.uk offers feeders and bird feeder supplies at every price level. Once you have a feeder that suits you and your birds discover it, you will need to continue to stock it. To save yourself money, you can refill it on a regular schedule, rather than when the birds empty it! Some birds, starlings, for example, tend to empty out feeders very quickly. When that happens, allow time for ground foragers to sort through the discarded seed. Sticking to this sort of schedule helps your budget and gives time for a variety of birds to visit your garden. Another option is to simply provide a bird waterer, where your only additional cost will be to add more water!
  • Where’s the best place to put a bird feeder in my garden? There are a number of things to consider when you place a feeder in your garden. First, the feeder needs to be in a place that you can see from a favourite window. You should also be able to reach it for cleaning and refilling. Feeders should be placed near a shrub or tree so birds have an “escape route” if they are startled. However feeders shouldn’t be so close to a hiding spot that a cat or other animal can ambush your visitors.
  • What’s the proper kind of seed? Most birds will only eat certain types of seed. What one bird doesn’t enjoy, another will!  Sunflower Hearts, however, is probably the seed type that the broadest spectrum of birds enjoy. Most stores stock a selection of mixed seed which includes millet, cracked corn and sunflower seeds. While mixed seed attracts many varieties of birds, it can also lead to a lot of waste as each bird shovels aside the seed it doesn’t want.

About wildbirdfeeders.co.uk

Our site is the result of more than 50 years of studying the behaviour of wild birds and the people who love them! The result is the widest range of feeders and bird feeding solutions in one place.

Among the brands featured here are Perky-Pet®, Birdscapes® and Avant Garden® -- three great brands recognised as world leaders in the wild bird feeding category. With this range of feeders, you will be able to serve the birds in your garden in the manner that best suits your style and price range.

  • www.wildbirdfeeders.co.uk - Your ultimate bird feeding resource in the UK.
  • Perky-Pet®- Functional, innovative bird feeders that offer you a great view of the action outside your windows
  • Birdscapes®- Stylish, decorative bird feeders for the trendy garden decorator
  • Avant Garden® - Fully functional decorative bird feeders in today's most popular styles

Since no two gardens are alike, our wild bird feeders are designed to meet your varying needs! So, whether you are an experienced hobbyist, an amateur bird watcher or just interested in nature, there is a feeder to fit each and every lifestyle.

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